Who We Are

Who We Are

The “Paul Robeson House,” is a residential property located at 110 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ, where Paul Robeson was born. An appointed a Board of Directors and Advisors have responsibility for raising funds to pay off the mortgage, renovate, and maintain the Facility. Robeson House is an approved independent 501.c3 nonprofit organization.


Board of Directors

Benjamin J Colbert, President

Robert Ellis

Maria Evans

Bernadine Hines, Treasurer

Eleanor V. Horne

Claire Jacobus



Advisory Committee


Rochelle Calhoun

Tom Coogan

Rev. Dave Davis

Karen Delk

Patricia Fernandez-Kelly

Rozlyn Anderson Flood

Maria (Charo) Juega

Lance Liverman

Michelle Minter


Mea Kaemmerlen

Denyse Leslie, Vice President

David McAlpin

Shirley Satterfield, Secretary

William Wakefield *

Kevin Wilkes





Ruth Miller

Leighton Newlin

Nancy Prince

Janet Dickerson Stephens

Martha Sword

Joan Tomlin

Mildred Trotman

Jacqueline Tillmann

Pamela Wakefield