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Paul Robeson was a scholar, an all American athlete, an artist, and an activist.  The son of a former slave turned preacher, he rose to prominence at a point in history when segregation was legal in the country.

He continues to serve as an inspiration to people of all races and walks of life today.  Read more >

I stand here today under great stress, because I dare, as do you, all of you, to fight for peace and a decent life for all men, women, and children wherever they may be.


A Conversation with Dr. Barbara Ransby

In our recent webinar, Dr. Barbara Ransby illuminated the profound contributions of Eslanda Robeson, drawing vivid lines between her advocacy for global social justice and the challenges faced by today’s activists. Enriched by the vibrant participation of the Princeton Generational African-American Student’s Association (GAASA), the conversation celebrated Eslanda’s critical role in shaping civil rights movements and underscored her enduring influence on contemporary struggles for equality and dignity. This inspiring session not only honored her legacy but also invigorated our commitment to continuing the fight for justice in our times.

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Dr. Larry Alphs


The 250th Birthday of the United States of America is a little over a year away. Now is the time to remind ourselves of the thing that makes America beautiful: diversity. All year we have pointed out America’s multicultural calendar. June is PRIDE and Black Music Month. For this month’s episode we share cantatas, spirituals, and jazz. Dr. Larry Alphs, Board Member, shares his story.

Join us around town this summer as we meet and greet our neighbors and friends at local festivals and events.


We’re excited to announce the return of our Robeson Tomato seed giveaway, an extension of last year’s popular Robeson Freedom Garden Campaign.

A limited number of free seed packets are available for pickup at the Arts Council of Princeton and Princeton Public Library. We’d love to see your tomato plants grow! Email us at info@thepaulrobesonhouseofprinceton.org with photos or tag us on social media. #robesontomato

Robeson Tomato


The “Paul Robeson House,” is a residential property located at 110 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ, where Paul Robeson was born. It has been the focal point for advancement of the African American community in the Princeton area for over a century.

It was the residence for Reverend Drew Robeson and his family when he was appointed pastor of the Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church in 1879. The property later transferred to private ownership and became the “first residence” for many migrant workers, domestics, and laborers that came to Princeton. Through the years, it has served as a gathering place and service center for neighborhood residents. Many of the new residents settled in the Witherspoon-Jackson community and became the driving force for social, educational, and civic advancement of the community.


Rozyln Anderson Flood

Rozyln Anderson Flood

Board Member

As both an attorney and a poet, I was drawn to Paul Robeson’s advocacy for racial and social justice, eloquently shaped by his artist’s soul.

As Paul explained, “The artist must elect to fight for freedom or slavery.  I have made my choice.  I had no alternative.”



Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson

Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson

Board Member

“The Paul Robeson House project builds on an important legacy of Mr. Robeson: full human dignity.”

As an idea, the house serves as a center within a historic district known to be a friendly neighborhood in its community. The complexity of Robeson’s work to address economic, aesthetic, and political freedom can be explored by all who will come.


Kevin Gift

Kevin Gift

Board Member

“Paul Robeson’s legacy inspires me to use my talents to build a peaceful world with equal justice for all.”

Paul Robeson used his abundant God given talents to turn a vision for world peace and human equality into reality. Our world is better today due to his positive influence and efforts.

Jeffrey Yuan

Jeffrey Yuan

Board Member

“The Robeson House can be a center and vehicle for greater social good and become a manifestation of Robeson’s legacy that the world should and must be a better place for all.”

Don’t go along to get along. Be willing to sacrifice to do what you know is right.