Robeson Anniversary Concert poster

Robeson 125th Anniversary Concert

A Musical Tribute

Join us for an extraordinary evening as we celebrate the 125th birthday of Paul Robeson. This event is more than just a concert; it’s a tribute to a legacy, a gathering of community, and a beacon of historical preservation.

Headlined by Kevin Maynor, Renowned Bass Soloist

Kevin Maynor, acclaimed for his rich and expressive voice, will be gracing the stage to perform a selection of Paul Robeson songs. His performances have enthralled audiences across the globe.

Honored guest: Susan Robeson

Tomia MacQueen


Episode 8: Robeson Tomatoes – Seed to Table

As we draw nearer to the end of our Robeson Freedom Garden campaign to go from seed to table, the Program Committee wants to thank every friend and neighbor that took up the challenge to grow Robeson tomatoes this season. We especially want to thank the Princeton School Gardens Cooperative, Princeton Public Schools and Dr. Louise Senior for your contributions to the success of this initiative.

For this episode, we got to sit down and talk to the Food Systems Literacy Coordinator for the Princeton Public Schools, local farmer, educator, dancer and agri-activist Mrs. Tomia MacQueen.


Arts Council of Princeton Robeson Tomato mural

Read about our Robeson Freedom Garden campaign  and the Arts Council of Princeton Spring Street Mural.

A guiding principle of the Robeson Freedom Garden is honorable harvest. “Honorable harvest – to take only what is given, to use it well, to be grateful for the gift, and to reciprocate the gift.”


We pay tribute to the life and legacy of Harry Belafonte, an extraordinary artist, activist, and humanitarian. His powerful voice and magnetic presence on stage enchanted audiences around the world, while his unwavering commitment to social justice inspired generations to act.

Watch Harry Belafonte’s interview on PBS American Masters, where he recounts the day he met Paul Robeson and the profound impact Robeson made on his life as a mentor and role model.

Harry Belafonte with Paul Robeson House of Princeton board


The “Paul Robeson House,” is a residential property located at 110 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ, where Paul Robeson was born. It has been the focal point for advancement of the African American community in the Princeton area for over a century.

It was the residence for Reverend Drew Robeson and his family when he was appointed pastor of the Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church in 1879. The property later transferred to private ownership and became the “first residence” for many migrant workers, domestics, and laborers that came to Princeton. Through the years, it has served as a gathering place and service center for neighborhood residents. Many of the new residents settled in the Witherspoon-Jackson community and became the driving force for social, educational, and civic advancement of the community.


Rozyln Anderson Flood

Rozyln Anderson Flood

Board Member

As both an attorney and a poet, I was drawn to Paul Robeson’s advocacy for racial and social justice, eloquently shaped by his artist’s soul.

As Paul explained, “The artist must elect to fight for freedom or slavery.  I have made my choice.  I had no alternative.”



Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson

Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson

Board Member

“The Paul Robeson House project builds on an important legacy of Mr. Robeson: full human dignity.”

As an idea, the house serves as a center within a historic district known to be a friendly neighborhood in its community. The complexity of Robeson’s work to address economic, aesthetic, and political freedom can be explored by all who will come.


Kevin Gift

Kevin Gift

Board Member

“Paul Robeson’s legacy inspires me to use my talents to build a peaceful world with equal justice for all.”

Paul Robeson used his abundant God given talents to turn a vision for world peace and human equality into reality. Our world is better today due to his positive influence and efforts.

Jeffrey Yuan

Jeffrey Yuan

Board Member

“The Robeson House can be a center and vehicle for greater social good and become a manifestation of Robeson’s legacy that the world should and must be a better place for all.”

Don’t go along to get along. Be willing to sacrifice to do what you know is right.