Watch Harry Belafonte’s PBS video about Paul Robeson’s life and the importance of telling his story and enhancing his legacy.


The Paul Robeson House initiative seeks to restore the historic home where Paul Robeson was born, and adapt the property to purposes  consistent with Robeson’s  transformational vision.  Although  many organizations and institutions honor aspects of Robeson’s achievements, the Paul Robeson House will be the first in New Jersey to focus exclusively  on extending  his   human rights agenda into the 21st century. In keeping with Robeson’s legacy of activism and social justice, the Robeson House will serve as an international resource for individuals and organizations who share Robeson’s commitment to advocacy and human rights.


To promote social justice consistent with the values and actions of Princeton’s native son, Paul Robeson.


Robeson’s birthplace will be a lasting tribute to his achievements and staunch commitment to social and racial justice. As a result, generations to come will have an appreciation for the rich African American culture in Princeton and globally.


We believe in…

  • Centering our work in the identity, legacy, and history of the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood as we act locally and think globaly
  • A commitment to social justice
  • The equality of every human being – the grace to welcome all and embrace differences