Robeson Tomato seed packets

Robeson Tomato Campaign

Seed packets available at the Arts Council of Princeton and the Princeton Public Library

We’re excited to announce the return of our Robeson Tomato seed giveaway, an extension of last year’s popular Robeson Freedom Garden Campaign.

A limited number of free seed packets are available for pickup. We’d love to see your tomato plants grow! Email us at with photos or tag us on social media. #robesontomato

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Robeson Scholars and Fellows announcement

Robeson Scholars & Fellows 2024

The Robeson Scholars & Fellows Program was developed to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of youth and young adults (aged 15+) who have committed themselves to the expansion of a sustainable and broad vision of Robesonian social justice. 

Focus on the W: Wives & Women of the American Civil Rights Movement

This teach-in and curriculum exchange was dedicated to exploring and celebrating the pivotal yet often under recognized roles played by women in the Civil Rights Movement. Our goal was to bring to light the stories, struggles, and triumphs of these remarkable women, like Coretta Scott King and Eslanda Goode Robeson, whose resilience and activism have been instrumental in shaping the course of history.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community partners and guests, whose invaluable contributions made this event a resounding success. Their support and collaboration have been essential in creating a space for learning and reflection, allowing us to honor the unsung heroines of the Civil Rights Movement and continue the legacy of education and activism that Paul Robeson himself championed.

Learning resources:

Slide deck
Power of ten

Paul Robeson with Liu Liangmo

Black-Asian American Solidarity Professional Development

In the spirit of Robeson’s lifelong dedication to internationalism and cross-cultural understanding, our Black-Asian American Solidarity event delved into the rich histories, shared experiences, and collective resilience of these communities.

Explore these vital connections and work towards a future where solidarity and mutual support are the cornerstones of societal progress. Learning resources: Slide deck

50th Anniversary of Hip Hop

Paul Robeson: Grandfather of Diction, Voice & Representation

The 50th Anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop is an appropriate opportunity to celebrate the legacy of Paul Leroy Robeson as the “Grandfather of Diction, Voice & Representation” using the elements of Hip Hop as the backdrop for his life.

Introducing Paul Robeson to generations of people who have not known his contribution to the American landscape of sociopolitical agency, artistic depth and global citizenship is an important responsibility of the Paul Robeson House of Princeton as we work to Make ROBESON a HOUSEhold Name.

Hip Hop, like the Negro Spiritual, is an American-born art form. KRS-1, like Paul Robeson, is an agent and author of the aesthetic value of their art forms as necessary texts in shaping human rights narratives. This set of learning resources
can be used to gain insight in art, social studies/history, government or other studies within the humanities.

Learning resources: Slide deck


Focus / Process questions

Kaleidoscopic perspective

What is the legacy of Paul Robeson? How has it changed over time? How is his work connected within the structure of Hip Hop?

Novel idea

What new information have you gained about Paul Robeson?

Obvious understandings

What information or conceptions did you have about Robeson prior to the current exploration? What insights do you have now that can be tied to 21st century social justice movements?

Wonderings and wanderings

What do you want to know more about after this lesson? Whose work do you want to follow?

Additional Resources
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