Paul Robeson

2023 Robeson Scholars

The Robeson Adult Scholars Award Program of The Paul Robeson House of Princeton is designed to recognize the scholarship of adult students, community agents, and life-long learners working to advance the cause of human dignity in Robesonian legacy areas: art, athletics/wellness and activism.


  • Adult (18+) who has completed high school
  • Commitment to attend Robeson Week activities on April 8, 2023
  • Commitment to facilitate at least one program during Fellowship year (2023-24)

Fellows will receive:

  • Recognition at Robeson Week activities / ceremonies in April 2023
  • Mentorship support during Robeson Fellow program year
  • Platform to exhibit / display talent and scholarship
  • $1000 cash prize

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Robeson Day of Play

Princeton Middle School Robeson Day of Play

Princeton Middle School continues its celebration of Black History Month with Paul Robeson Day of Play on February 24th.

Special thanks to our partners:
PMS Community of Teachers, Staff & Administrators
Princeton Public Library
New York Jets
New York Giants
PHS Student Volunteers


Robeson Tomato

2023 Robeson Freedom Garden

Read about our Robeson Freedom Garden campaign in Town Topics.

A guiding principle of the Robeson Freedom Garden is honorable harvest. “Honorable harvest – to take only what is given, to use it well, to be grateful for the gift, and to reciprocate the gift.”

We will gather in September 2023 to celebrate Robeson tomato gardens planted in the 2023-24 growing season. We invite every citizen to join us in this campaign of dignity and freedom that celebrates community and collective action toward reaching the goal of making ROBESON a HOUSEhold name.

Please look for additional details regarding seed distribution and planting guidelines in late February to early March.

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