Taylor Faith Mckie

Well, recently I just renewed my passport and immediately after I had the opportunity to go to Rome, Italy (and London, England), and basically immersed myself in the culture. What I realized abroad is that a lot of the times there’s an assumption that as black people we are a monolith, even in America. That thinking translates to us as academics and professionals as well, and I think a lot of that has to do with the erasure of our histories. As people of African heritage, I think that a lot of Re-education needs to happen about representation, globally as well, because we are capable of taking our different skills that we hold naturally and really empower different communities globally.

Taylor-Faith Mckie



Taylor-Faith McKie is a junior at Spelman College, majoring in Political Science (Pre-Law) with a minor in Spanish. Her journey in community involvement began during her junior year at Princeton High School when she started working with the Paul Robeson House of Princeton as a social chair intern and youth board member. During her tenure there, she played a key role in helping to develop the Robeson Scholar’s Program and facilitating the induction of its inaugural cohort, aimed at expanding the organization’s influence among young emerging leaders. At Spelman, she has received recognition as a Google Student Developer Scholar and is a member of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. She also serves as the Treasurer of the non-profit Brains with Beauty Project and holds the position of Vice President of Advocacy and Service for Spelman’s Resident Hall Association. Since relocating to Georgia for her studies, she has been actively involved in volunteering with community organizations such as the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Trees Atlanta. Currently, she is interning as a legislative intern for AT&T and research assistant for Princeton University’s Heirloom Gardens Oral History Project during the summer.